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BCTEA Conference and Trade Show, October 23, 2020

Dear Vendors:

We had hoped to be inviting you to our conference in Courtenay BC this year, but as everything else this year, we have had to postpone the event at that location. We do plan to have it there the next time we permitted have an in-person conference! For this year, we would like to invite you to participate in our first ever online BCTEA Conference and Trade Show on October 23rd, 2020. Many thanks to those of you whom I have already spoken to in person and are planning to “attend” this year’s event. We are very excited about this new opportunity. We expect a far greater turnout of attendees for this event as there are no travel costs involved. This presents an even greater opportunity for you to present and advertise your company to teachers from around the province. In addition to the roughly 900 secondary Trades and Tech Ed teachers around the province, we expect many elementary ADST teachers to attend our conference. As some of you are aware applied skills such as woodworking, metalworking and robotics are now being taught by our K-7 teachers. Your information will be sent to all attendees, as well as our list of technology teachers in B.C through our List serve and Facebook Group.

We will be providing online workshops on a variety of topics related to ADST such as woodworking, metalworking, drafting, 3D Printing, Robotics, Makerspace and CNC manufacturing. With changes in our curriculum, both elementary and secondary teachers are in need of new resources and are looking for suppliers.

For more information please visit our website at www.bctea.org.

For registration, please follow the links below.

On behalf of the BCTEA, we thank you in advance for your continued support.

Andy Strothotte
BCTEA- Executive of Marketing
Email: andy_strothotte@sd42.ca
Cell: 778-688-5246

Door Prizes

As in the past, we are accepting donations from your company to be used as door prizes. Given the online nature of this year’s event, online gift cards or coupons would likely be the most practical. Prizes will be drawn at various times throughout the event. This would provide additional advertising for your company as the prize is given out.

Exhibitor Application

Contact Andy Strothotte: exhibitors@bcteaconference.ca if you are interest in presenting a workshop.

Name of the company/organization

Public Marketing Information

The following information will be used on the event website, the online conference site and/or other event materials. Write a brief description of your organization and what products/services you offer.
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Online Scavenger Hunt

To help drive traffic to your organization's or business’ online exhibitor booth, we are holding a Scavenger Hunt. Participants will visit your exhibitor page and virtually reveal your specific, hidden letter found behind a scratch card located on your page. They will use the letters to assemble a word that they use to enter the prize draw. This is your opportunity to advertise your organization/business even further by donating a prize! Prizes may be an online gift card, discount code, and/or a physical prize if you are willing to arrange for shipping to the prize winner. Please include details about your door prize in your registration information. 

Contact Person

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Workshop by Exhibitor

Please contact Andy at Andy_Strothotte@sd42.ca if you are interested in offering a workshop.