BCTEA Conference and Trade Show, October 25, 2019

For more information on the upcoming Conference and Tradeshow check out the newly designed website at www.bctea.org.

This year's conference will be hosted by the faculty and staff of Alpha Secondary School in Burnaby, BC.

Registration Process

To register as a vendor at this year's conference fill out the form below. You can pay by Visa or MasterCard.

Booth Information

As usual, our displays will be set up on Thursday October 24th starting after 3pm.
The first booth is $275.00 and a second (additional space), is an additional $100.00.

BCTEA Membership

All exhibitors are required to become members, or renew their membership in the BCTEA. The fee of $52.50 is included in the above fee for the first booth. We cannot reserve a booth for you without payment.

Door Prizes

As in the past, we are accepting donations from you company to be used as door prizes.  Prizes will be drawn at the dinner on Friday evening.


Each exhibitor is also invited to submit an advertising leaflet or catalogue of about 4 to 6 pages, for enclosure with the welcoming package, each attending teacher will receive one. To cover the anticipated number of participants, we ask you have 200 copies mailed to Alpha Secondary Attn Russell Evaninsky one week prior to the conference.

Exhibitor Contact

Contact Andy Strothotte: exhibitors@bcteaconference.ca

Exhibitor Application